PhD em Aconselhamento Clínico pela Florida Christian University e Accredited Practitioner da ferramenta SOAR do Global Institute, Flórida USA.

Capacita e potencializa pessoas cuja atividade profissional exige alto rendimento através da análise dos seus traços de personalidade e comunicação, aumentando seus resultados e melhorando seu relacionamento no ambiente corporativo.

Auxilia as pessoas no seu autoconhecimento e no conhecimento das pessoas ao seu redor, seja em casa, na escola ou no ambiente de trabalho.

  • PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling, Florida Christian University
  • MSc in Clinical Christian Counseling, Florida Christian University
  • Bachelor of Christian Clinical Counseling, Florida Christian University
  • Bachelor of Theology, Theological Course – Baptist Theological University of Perdizes / USP – São Paulo.
  • Master in Chaplaincy at the College of Supervision Pastoral and Psychotherapy – Orlando Health, Orlando, FL
  • I speak fluent Português and Spanish and also, good English

Born in São Paulo – SP – 09/12/1955. I’m an American Citizen.

Married to Carmen Lucia Alves Garcia Nassiff – 10/11/1980


Camila Garcia Nassiff

Rafael Garcia Nassiff (passed away in May 2017)

Bruna Garcia Nassiff

Ecclesiological and Professional Activities:

  • Implementation of São Rafael Park – First Baptist Church of São Rafael Park – São Paulo
  • Pastor of the Vila Prudente Baptist Church – São Paulo.
  • Founder Ministry of CENA – Evangelical Community of New Aurora – the ministry deals with addicts, prostitutes, homeless, addicts, prisoners, among others, seeking recovery and incersion in the labor market. – Sao Paulo.
  • Implementation of a new church in the city of Florida – Uruguay
  • Auxiliary pastor of the Baptist Church of Curitiba.
  • Author of the book “Learning to Evangelize with Jesus Christ”. Editora Luz e Vida.

Author of the book: “Rafa – An Angel Lived In Our Home”. Editora Author of the Faith

  • Lecturer at conferences in the areas of Ecclesiology, Theology, Counseling and Chaplaincy
  • Coach accredited by SOAR – Global Institute, in the City of Orlando, FL.

Speaker in the areas of Communication, Personality Traits, High Performance Motivational.

  • From 2000 to 2002, he represented in Latin America the SIM – International Society of Missions, and also INTERSERVE, a specialized agency to insert professionals in poor communities around the world.
  • Senior Pastor of the First Brazilian Baptist Church of Greater Boston from January 2002 to June 2010;
  • Senior Pastor of Global Village Church from July 2010 – 2012;
  • Pastor of the First Hispanic Baptist Church of Greater Boston from 2004 – 2012.
  • Clinical Mental Health Northern Suffolk Mental Health – Boston – MA, October 2009 to October 2010
  • Home Therapy Clinic from Pyramid Builder Associates, Peabody – MA, October 2010 – 2012
  • First Baptist Church in Orlando, FL – Director of the Brazilian Ministry since August 2012 – December, 2018 – City of Orlando, FL
  • Professor in Counseling at Florida Christian University since 2008

Counselor (Finance Coaching) Financial

Supervisor in Chaplaincy – The institute for Clinical Pastoral Training / Association of Certified Christian Chaplains – Orlando, FL

Senior Pastor of DNA BRAZILIAN CHURCH, since April 2019 until today